The School offers dual-degree programs in Music and Education and Music and Science. B.Mus. students in their second or third year of studies can apply to these programs, as outlined below.



Dual Bachelor of Music & Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) 

The Dual Degree in Music and Education allows students to complete both the B.Mus. (major: GSSM) and the B.Ed. (major: Music) within five years. Technically these are credentials for teaching at the Secondary level as a music specialist, but graduates are also well qualified to teach music at the Elementary level.

By completing the B.Mus. and the B.Ed. simultaneously, students are able to pursue a more focused program of study than the traditional, consecutive-degree (“4+1”) option. This Dual Degree program is strongly recommended for students interested in a career in music education.

Please note: For those interested in double-majoring, minoring, completing a performance level B.Mus. or, taking a break from studies after B.Mus. completion (e.g. to complete an M.Mus. or to travel and teach english as a second language), the traditional 4 years +1 year post degree option is available.

How to apply

To apply, students must complete the BMus & BEd Dual Degree Program application form, prepare a short essay, and meet with advisors in both Music and Education in January of Year 2, shortly after completing EDCP 210 (Introduction to Music Education). Students in Year 3 are also eligible to apply. Both faculties must approve the application.

A minimum 65% GPA in work to date is required. This GPA in academic studies must be maintained in order to remain active in the Dual Degree program. Students must complete both degree programs to graduate from either, unless they terminate their B.Ed studies, in which case they can complete the normal B.Mus degree requirements. 

The full curriculum, list of admission requirements, and advisors’ contact details are included on the application form.

Students are eligible to apply for BC Provincial Teaching Certificate upon successful completion of the dual degree.

More information

Bachelor of Education Viewbook: Check out p. 24 on this link, and for more information about teacher education at UBC:

UBC Academic Calendar: Dual Degree Option in Music and Education

As well, information about the BEd dual degree and links to contacting a BEd admissions advisor can be found at:



Dual Bachelor of Music & Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

The Dual Degree BMus & BSc program offers capable students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Science degree in most combinations of one Music (BMus) major program and one Science (BSc) major program. Most combinations can be completed in six winter sessions.

How to apply

Potential B.Mus. students interested in the dual degree program must consult both a senior advisor in the School of Music (Robert Ablenas: 604-827-5502;; Room 425 Music Building) and the Science Information & Advising Centre (see or at the time of application to UBC.

Potential B.Mus. students interested in the Dual Degree program must have, on their UBC Admissions application (E-mail), the BSc as their first degree choice and the B.Mus. as their second choice. Also, both the B.Sc. Supplementary Application and B.Mus. Supplementary Application must be completed.

Applications to the dual degree program are accepted only after a student has reached second year standing. If an incoming student interested in the dual degree program is admitted to both the B.Sc. and B.Mus. programs, he or she should accept admission to the B.Sc., only, but inform the School of Music of his/her intent to apply for the dual degree program once he/she has reached second year standing.

Acceptance into the program will be based on: (1) the recommendation from the School of Music, (2) a review of the applicant’s transcript to determine that both the prerequisite studies and competitive admission standards of the Faculty of Science have been met, and (3) a review of a statement of academic purpose. Registered first- or second-year B.Mus. students may also apply to the Dual Degree program but must meet the current admission requirements of the Faculty of Science and must have met the academic standing requirements of the program while at UBC (see below). Admission to specializations within Science and Music may be competitive and admission to the Dual Degree program does not imply future admission to particular specializations.

Admission at any time is conditional; maintenance of good academic standing and at least a B- (68%) average in each term are required throughout the program. Students must satisfy all of the degree and program requirements for both the major in the Bachelor of Music and the major in the Bachelor of Science. Individual courses may be considered to satisfy requirements for both degrees; MUSC courses may satisfy the Arts and Breadth requirements for the BSc major program. MUSC courses numbered below 300 may not count toward the upper-level credit requirement for the BSc program. Students should endeavour to satisfy lower-level course prerequisites for both programs in their first two years.

Students must communicate with both an advisor in the School of Music (Robert Ablenas: 604-827-5502;; Room 425 Music Building) and one in the Science advising office prior to enrolling in their first year of courses and at least annually thereafter.

APPLICATION FORM – BMus & BSc Dual Degree Program


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